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Soulfishing Ministries is a viable and aggressive non-profit evangelistic training ministry started by Evangelist Rev. Phil Sessa & Stephanie Sessa to reach those that are lost in city within New York City by the life changing Gospel of Jesus!

Phil's Family

Friends and Ministers!

Soulfishing Ministries has...

  • ...ministered throughout New York City, as well as in Philadelphia.
  • ...trained both residents of New York City as well as missions teams from outside the city to effectively reach the unsaved with the Gospel.
  • ...worked with various churches, and ministries including Intentional Care Urban Ministries as well as the Way of the Master.

An alarming 150,000 people die every 24 hours—most without the Savior. We are deeply concerned that so few Christians reach out to the lost. Statistics show that this is as low as 5%. One of the reasons for this is that many don’t feel equipped. Soulfishing Ministries is an evangelistic ministry whose sole purpose is to passionately inspire, effectively equip and strategically raise up evangelism teams in local ministries throughout NYC to reach their neighborhoods with the power of the gospel through impact evangelism training.  Do you hear the cry of the lost?  Do and feel the burden and desire to reach them? Get equipped to minister to the lost simply, effectively and biblically the way Jesus did?  Contact Soulfishing Ministries!

The vision of Soulfishing Ministries is to foster biblical evangelism and missions beginning in New York City.

The mission of Soulfishing Ministries is to partner with urban and intercultural ministries and motivate the body of Christ to faithfully fulfill the Great Commission by equipping believers to do the work of evangelism.

  • Praying to the Lord (Jesus) of the Harvest to raise up laborers to go in the harvest
  • Motivating belivers to obtain God's heartbeat for people through interaction
  • Training believers to biblically evangelize through various teaching methods
  • Mobilzing the saints by creating and leading evangelistic street outreaches in various neighborhoods of New York city
  • Equipping mission teams for Urban Evangelism in New York City
  • Partnering with ministries willing to step out of the pews to reach the streets


Summer Newsletter

“If there is one thing in ministry I want to be remembered for, it’s passion and enthusiasm to reach the unsaved. Serving Christ in Evangelism is my mission as long as God gives me breath."Evangelist Rev. Phil Sessa







   Evangelist Phil Sessa    Ivan Candelier     Jose Ocasio

  • Publishing first Gospel Tract "Tu Pac tract"
  • More Gospel Tracts in development. Coming Soon

  • Gang Outreach (Coming Soon!) TBA
  • NYC Invasion Summer 2009  (for Development and Outreach)


  • Christmas Outreaches at Rockerfeller Center reached many with the Gospel
  • Christmas Ministry at Bronx Gospel Hall Children's Hour
  • Shared the Gospel with many families.