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"If you look up the word "Zeal", in the dictionary you will find Pastor Phil's name
instead.  He is the only man who makes me feel lukewarm in my walk with the Lord.
He is passionate about the Lord and is always ready to invest in others who are
passionate too. He truly loves people and would go an extra mile for anyone who
needs his ministry. He has been a blessing in my Daily Devotional Ministry and I
stand with him in his calling
."                                                                                     - Evans Olang (Founder and Minister of the Daily Devotional Ministry) 

"You [Phil] ....run a ministry unlike any I have ever heard of; and it's REAL!  It’s not in Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, India,or Guatemala, but HERE in our own backyard. I am so proud; and for you the future looks bright!"                                                                   - Davin Sessa

"From the first time you meet Phil, his passion for Christ and for the lost is
clearly evident.  He is bold and he is truly filled with love.  He takes the Gospel
to the streets and straight to the heart."
- Rev. John Blondo (AG World Missionary)                                         

"Enthusiastic, effective and encouraging with results for eternity...that is what
ICU Ministry, New York City experiences with Pastor Phil's ministry."

- Rev. Steve Kulish (AG Intercultural Missionary - ICU Ministries)

"Pastor Phil trained me in the Basic Training Course, and I leaned a way to
share the gospel in a way that's easy to remember, and biblically communicates people's desperate need of a Savior"

- Ivan Candelier (Engineer, Port Authority, NY/NJ)

"Pastor Phil's teaching is not just a philosophy, but a practical tool for street
ministry, one that all Christians need to learn and apply."               
-Associate Pastor Maurice Winley  (Soul Saving Station, Harlem)

"When I fist met Phil in Bible College (VFCC), I knew right from the beginning
that God has a special work for him to do. Given his courage and tenacity
regarding the ministry, I felt like Phil was a modern day Jeremiah who God
made a "battleaxe" or "His own choice weapon for war. And, like I sensed then,
time has not stolen that divine fury from him. He is certainly unique in his
calling as well as in his giftings. Phil, may the edge of your blade always stay
as sharp as it is right now! The world desperately needs it!"
-Ken Wilson (Christian Counselor, MA)

"Pastor Phil Sessa has a zeal and passion to equip the saints to go from
lukewarm to burning fire! He does this boldly, and most importantly,
-Tiffany Gelpi (President/Founder of Change Collegian Network)

"Since you (Phil) have taught me how to use God's Law it has changed the very
way in which I preach to reach unsaved  people."   
–Hilroy Nixon (Bronx Gospel Hall)

"A passion for the lost is often spoke of passionately, but when you soulfish
with Phil it is no longer talk, but action." 
-Shawn Williams (ROAR Entertainment Ministries, Christian Hip-Hop, Brooklyn)